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Cape Cod, Massachusetts, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States, but many people consider Cape Cod to be a single place or even a single city.

This living outdoor history museum features 40 restored buildings and is home to the only active shaker community in Maine. It shares the same name as the communities of Yarmouth, Massachusetts, and Cape Cod, Mass., but with a different name.

The Maine Maritime Museum in Bath has a scenic campus where you can learn almost everything about the maritime history of the state. Visitors can learn by visiting the museum dedicated to the Wabanaki people who lived in Maine for many millennia. In Boston, the Boston Tea Party Ship Museum is opened, a building erected to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Boston's first public tea party. Visitors can experience the history of one of America's most important political events in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Ideally located near the Yarmouth Port, the location offers wonderful tranquility but with the desired convenience to reach the city of Boston.

Yarmouth borders the coast of Cape Cod National Seashore, the most popular tourist destination in the United States. On your tour you will have access to some of the best views of the Cape Cod and its national parks, dotted with famous dune huts where famous artists and writers created their art. This private retreat features antique shops, restaurants, hotels and even a private golf course. Travel from Boston to Boston and back on one of the most beautiful car trips in the world.

Weekend themed weekends, such as the annual Yarmouth Festival of Arts and Crafts and the New Year's Eve party at the Cape Cod Inn.

If you visit the cape any day of the week, you will discover the rich art, culture and history of the region. For that matter, Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada are definitely bucket list destinations to enjoy. Although it can present some logistical challenges, it is definitely worth visiting and experiencing.

We invite you to browse our beautiful selection of relaxing retreats and reserve the ideal one for your Cape Cod vacation. Stay in a well-equipped CapeCod holiday home with air conditioning, air-conditioned bedrooms, a private pool and plenty of outdoor space. After class, you will cook cod with the locals and learn to paint the sea with a glass of wine in your hand. Make summer memories of cod with your friends, family, friends of friends or even your own family members.

Baseball fans will enjoy watching the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees in the National League Championship Series at Cape Cod Baseball Park.

This is the first part of a long list of places to get into Cape Cod and not to forget the food, drinks and entertainment that the Yarmouth Community Center and its many restaurants and bars offer. Sign up for our daily Boston email and be up to date with all the latest news, events, weather, traffic and more.

With so many unique boutiques, you should be sure to find the perfect place to buy memorabilia from your time at the Cape. If you're looking for this perfect novelty to complement your vintage collection, visit one of the many shops selling Cape Cod antiques. Open all year round, they offer a variety of a - found items, from vintage clothing and accessories to antique furniture and jewelry.

The Cape Cod Cultural Center offers a variety of experiences and is the perfect way to get to know the area. Located in the heart of the HyArts Cultural District, this self-guided trail is made up of 10 locations that celebrate the history of the Hyannis, which was shaped by the Kennedy family. Our itinerary provides a list of many cultural activities you can do and see in the five New England states.

If that's not convenient enough, there are plenty of other options available, such as the Cape Cod Cultural Center and the Hyannis Museum of Art. One of the most popular ways to travel to Nova Scotia is by ferry from Halifax to Halifax, a popular tourist destination.

The location of the Hyannis Hotel is right next to the ferry terminal and the day lasts 6 hours, so you can easily stop for breakfast, lunch or dinner in one of the many restaurants along the way. If you're expecting a trip or a return to the island, eat in Yarmouth before you head back. There is a ferry from Bar Harbor to Yarmouk, although it runs from Portland, which allows for a later departure from Y armouth or Bar Harbor. The Cape Cod Bike Trail is located in nearby Dennis, but the trail stretches more than 20 miles to Wellfleet.

The town is operated by the Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce, the Cape Cod Historical Society and many other local groups and organizations.

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More About Yarmouth